The transformation of boats

Transformation in house boats & other specific types

We have a considerable amount of references in the transformation of barges (in particular of the Freycinet type or spits) into house boats, hotels, stores, restaurants and even a hive!

From the very start, we design your project with you. We advise you on the purchase of your boat and ensure its transport to one of our shipyards.

Should you decide it, we can shorten your boat to 30 m (length of the locks of the Canal du Midi), while perfectly keeping the line.

We will carry out for you all the structural work and, and, at your choice, the interior installations and finishing works partially or completely.

If you are not yet a seasoned sailor, we can develop for you now a complete new concept: the loft-barge.

  • we purchase with you a Freycinet boat or spits
  • we restore it completely: hull, machinery, etc…
  • we transform the hold into a superb loft of 120 to 140 m ², of high standing.
  • we present you a series of possibilities for permanent mooring.
  • we offer to you a 5 years inclusive service contract.
  • all the above in permanent co-operation with you.

Other concepts can be developed: bring your ideas, we will be happy to materialise them in an ultra-professional manner.