Welcome to Meusam

Created in 1906 in Beez (Namur), Meuse & Sambre initially specialised in the construction and the maintenance of barges of all types – from spits (standardFreycinet) to Rhine barges (80 m).

Meuse & SambreBetween the years 1940 and1985, Meuse & Sambredesigned anddelivered in central Africa tens of boats ofall types (pushers, barges, mailboats, beacon ships, dredges…) with aspecialisation for boats with small draughts.

In the 1980’s, Meuse & Sambre created an aluminum department andbuilt in particular a series of high-speed aluminum bridge erection boats for the Belgian Corps of Engineers.

Since 1988, Meuse & Sambre is active in the field ofindustrial subcontracting in particular with the companies CARMEUSE and CBR.

In 2001, Meuse & Sambre take over the shipyardinstallations of  Namèche (ANDENNE -SEILLES).

In 2004, Meuse & Sambre carry out a series of important investments:concreting and lengthening to 135 m of the Monsin slipway, reinforcement to 1.100 t of slipway of Beez and leveling of the building site of Andenne-Seilles.

In 2006, Meuse & Sambre increases to 12,50 m the maximumwidth for construction of new boats by carrying out an important investment inits workshops and the slipway at the construction site of Beez.

In 2012, Meuse & Sambre take over the shipyardinstallations Vankerkoven (CHARLEROI – PONT DE LOUP).

* * *

Meuse & SambreToday, Meuse & Sambre develops its experience inshipbuilding, naval repair, steel construction and mechanical work.

We offer 4 shipyards,all located along the Meuse: in Beez (Namur), Seilles (Andenne)and at Monsin (Liege) and along the Sambre at Pont de Loup (Charleroi).

Moreover, Meuse & Sambre has at its disposal in Beez  a new mechanical workshop and a new boiler shopaimed at industrial subcontracting.

The company places its know-howat the service of ship-owners, boatmen or owners of inland waterway andmaritime vessels.

These last years, Meuse & Sambre developed a production of boats forpassengers (river cruisers of large size, restaurant-boats) and specific boats(container carrying barges with ballast and lowhead room, pontoon for pumping made out of stainless steel.).



For repairs and transformations of boats like for high class work, Meuse & Sambre confirms its reputation of reference buildingsite, for the quality and the cost ofits services.

It also works insubcontracting for maritime shipyards or specialised industrial companies (quarries,waste processing, water treatment).